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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are making heads turn in the tech industry. Technically though, the impact it is leaving on the global businesses is highly incredible. AI has revolutionized the entire technical ecosystem and is making industry leaders adapt to it for futuristic solutions and electrifying results. Investments in AI practices are expected to rise from $37.5 billion to $97.9 billion by 2023. That’s a 28.4% compound annual growth rate, according to reports from IDC.

From gaming to complex data maintenance to industrial innovations, scientists and computer experts are employing smart methods to impart intelligence into the machines, enabling them to think and react to real-time situations just like humans do. With AI, enterprises today are transiting from research to a new level of adoption for their systems & processes. Tech giants like Google and Facebook are now using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for their processes and products. The next few years is said to note a high ascent of AI in diverse industries globally.

Industries like travel, utility, machinery, telecom, advertisement etc. are using AI and ML for enhanced smartphone experience. Both Android and iOS mobile platforms are integrating AI and ML in various apps. Furthermore, with AI and ML, decision making has become better, smarter and accurate through data collection. Looking at the trends and latest developments these technologies have bought like chatbots, self-driving cars, virtual assistants, etc. Industries are expecting an incredible flow of AI and ML in the forthcoming years.

How Innovative AI and ML will affect Mobile Technology?

Empowering Search Engines
Artificial intelligence and machine learning have introduced a new search method or software called image and voice recognition. Because of the integrated AI and ML in mobile apps, it has now become imperative for Android developers to develop image and voice recognition software systems with app localization for an enhanced conversion rate.

The Unification of Artificial Intelligence & the Internet of Things (IoT)
AI enables the communication between devices. It collects all the real-time data and processes it, so that devices can learn to function independently. There is a huge scope of knowledge and performance for Android developers in the learning and execution of information that is transacted between various devices.

Smartphone Cameras Get Better Motion Detection
We are in a phase where mobile manufacturers and mobile app developers work together to build smart devices. Adapting to AI, the interface of a smartphone camera can easily identify the motion in the camera frame like people, nature, events etc. It works perfectly to get the best possible image output. Moreover, artificial intelligence and machine learning can also easily identify facial features and simultaneously improve it to a super portrait image automatically.

Real-Time Language Translations:
Many translation apps are developed and released lately, that convert texts from one language to another. Most of these apps use the internet to upload images for analyzing and translation. Through integrated AI & ML, the smartphone will be able to translate diverse languages in real-time without the need of internet.

Face Unlock to Power More Smartphones
Apple uses AI and ML-based algorithms for its Face ID unlocking system. With the combination of premium hardware, the artificial intelligence system identifies the users face to safe unlock. In the coming years, the mobile app industry is set to see many android developers and smartphone producers implementing the face unlock feature using AI processing.

High App Authentication
The face of AI is huge when we talk about cybersecurity. With ever-evolving technology and the rising usage of smartphones, we all need the advanced level of data security. With AI and ML, security concerns have been reduced by analyzing user behavior and releasing alert notifications about potential threats and vulnerabilities.

In 2020, businesses mostly are focused on influencers and ads that use micro-targeting to expand their customer reach. In the future, AI is going to be integrated into 5G smartphones where users can get all the benefits of AI and ML together, including data collection, storage, and real-time processing. Further, AI gives the users an advanced & personalized experience. Therefore, businesses are going to take the advantage of this innovative trend for increased business and Return on Investment (ROI).

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