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Software Development Services

Maple Software is a pioneer in providing full range lifecycle software development services to help you meet your development goals in no time. We start by gathering, defining requirements and finish with the delivery and also deployment of software solutions. With a team of experienced professionals who are strengthened with pure technical knowledge, we develop commercial software applications for both business and technical requirements.

Maple uses key strategies to improve your ROI. We augment and enhance globalization through the development and maintenance of any software or applications using activities like designing, testing, programming, planning, bug fixing, etc.

In this tech-savvy world, it is important to have someone like Maple Software who can help you with software development to reach heights of success whether it is a small or large business.

Our software development services include:

  • Gathering and defining requirements
  • Building and designing prototypes
  • System designing
  • Custom application development
  • Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Deployment

Key Benefits:

Our technical expertise stays agile and innovative to effectively manage the changes in the market. Our teams are completely flexible during the development life cycle phase and provide you with customized and integrated software solutions. We help you with reducing costs and boost productivity. To prevent any loss of information, we have high capacity power backup systems.

Our Domains:

With years of experience in the IT sector, developing custom software applications has enabled us to achieve specialization in certain domains and functional areas of organizations. Maple constantly utilizes this inherent intellectual property (IP) to help its customers gain a better edge over its competitors. Our enthusiastic resources take interest in exploring new markets and different verticals where our technical expertise can be applied to build new solutions.

Maple strongly differentiates itself from its competitors by virtue of its strong foothold in both niche and generic areas of the following industry verticals.


The Judiciary system is also known as the third organ of the government. It is responsible for making laws and settling disputes among people. Maple’s association with courts of various countries in the United States for developing software applications provided our teams with first-hand knowledge of Electronic Case File Management and Automated Appeal Systems. While working on project execution, Maple understood the complex business rules which prevail within the US Judicial system. Below are some of the functions which we built for our projects:

  • Transmission of court-related data over the network through highly secured encoding.
  • Customized dashboards for Independent roles (clerk, judge, plaintiff, defendant, etc.)
  • Logic-based dynamic e-compilation of court evidence records.
  • Automated e-updates on Case Status and proceedings to all users involved
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Health Care:

Maple’s keen understanding of the drivers within the healthcare domain is a result of years of service experience gained in developing software products for the healthcare provider and payer space and also from the IT-enabled services that we provide to various healthcare entities. We have adapted various healthcare and open communication standards like HIPAA, HL7, and XML which enabled our clients to leverage our expertise with industry best practices and also to comply with some of the most regulated industry standards. Our activities include:

  • Defining requirements for your business need.
  • Empower you with a compliant solution to address your specific need.
  • Help you to maintain the existing applications at a lower cost.
  • Re-engineer and port your legacy applications to new technology platforms and hardware (tablet PC and handheld compatible applications).

Health Care Consultancy Services:

Maple Software has the right technical skills and operational expertise to help you select, implement, extend and support your healthcare IT systems and applications. Whether you are rolling out a new EMR system, connecting to an HIE or needing help desk support, we are ready to provide a variety of services tailored to your specific needs.

Maple Software develops world-class technology solutions and custom applications for the healthcare industry. We use innovative engagement and process models that are custom-designed to meet your business needs, and balance a high-level business view with close attention to detail during the project’s execution. We provide key support services to reinforce a successful implementation of your new healthcare technology system, helping you take a quick advantage of the solution’s benefit, enhance performance and scalability, and maximize the value of your investment.

Maple Software offers traditional testing & QA services (Model Office, User Acceptance Testing, etc.), as well as the latest in automation. We have partnered with market leaders in this space to offer Health Plans a solution for quickly implementing and realizing value from multiple tools that can be used to gain configuration efficiencies when maintaining your core claims & administration system environment.

Outsourcing your technical service requirements is one of the most cost-effective ways to stretch precious IT dollars, Our skill set covers all of today’s complex healthcare systems and web technologies, allowing you to improve your operations while gaining valuable expertise in support of your IT infrastructure. Our offshore model has helped our clients to move the brunt of the routine QA and custom development work, such as extensions etc.

We are vendor agnostic, so our clients trust us to provide objective guidance with their best interest in mind.


Public Safety:

With the ever-increasing security threat around the world, various government and public agencies within and outside the US have tightened the norms for the way they function. Various new requirements such as tracking visitors in public places, issuance of security clearance badges, etc were made mandatory. Our work in developing access control and Asset Tracking Software helped us build expertise in this area. Implementation of advanced hardware interfacing controls and web services enable our applications to communicate with external legacy systems and to extract the required information.

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Maple provides services like tailor-made Software and Mobile application development services, Quality Assurance, Transcription services , Revenue cycle management, & IT Staffing services aiding clients’ performance in healthcare, judiciary, public safety , and retail organizations throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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