Recruiting Best Practices for an Effective IT Resource Management

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Recruiting Best Practices for an Effective IT Resource Management

When an organization has got an implementation, upgrade or simply needs support, the right technical talent is quite vital for them. With the growing competition, many in the staffing world are trying to plan their budgets, predict hiring needs and set up a strategy to hire top talent for the company’s expansion. If you serve hiring managers at a growing business, it can be a stressful time as there is only so much planning you can do to prepare for their needs.

Your planning may look like this:

  • Meet with hiring managers to understand their hiring needs
  • Meet with the legal team to assess co-employment risk and compliance
  • Assess your current vendors’ ability to fill upcoming roles
  • Outline a hiring strategy to follow
  • Continually shop around for new staffing vendors who may be better able to fill those roles
  • Start and re-start the contract and onboarding process
  • Figure out a better way to handle all the vendors who keep calling wanting to ‘help’
  • Add more tabs to your spreadsheets
  • Build a business case to convince your boss you need software or consultants

Often we feel like we’re moving forward by investing in tools and consultants to help execute our plans when realistically we are making decisions based on best guesses, and risking unnecessary spend and the confidence of our peers when the plans don’t actually serve the need. It’s a no-win situation held together by manual processes and endless vendor onboarding, accompanied by a constant nagging feeling that you don’t ever really know what is working.

Traditional staffing models and software simply don’t support the IT resource management needs of modern growing businesses. The investment for the labor-intensive model required to work with vendors inherently limits your reach to those vendors’ ever-narrowing talent pools. It’s a sequential, never-ending cycle of manual tasks, extended hiring cycles, and limited visibility into hiring performance.

A more effective hiring plan would be to adopt strategies that enable you to be ready for anything, able to fill any role at any time and always know exactly how your efforts are paying off. Following are the components of a ready-for-anything vendor management service that brings accountability, transparency, and success to your hiring – all without any risk:

Developing and Dynamic marketplace of suppliers to fill any role, at any time

Your hiring ability shouldn’t be restricted to the number of vendors you can manually manage. A diverse online recruitment marketplace of suppliers enables you to post any requisition, for any specialty and geography, to a crowd of hundreds of suppliers who work on your behalf. And, as a plus, it helps you to build a diverse workforce.

Precision matching to the right suppliers

Each job role is unique and requires a specific talent pool from which to source. AI (Artificial Intelligence) that immediately matches your requisitions to specific suppliers with prior demonstrated expertise in your needs, ensures the most qualified suppliers are working on your roles. This way, you’re always ready for niche roles or new business requirements as your business grows.

Personal curation

A high volume of submissions is nice, a shortlist of personally curated submissions of candidates dressed upright and ready to work is ideal. IT staffing services that include personal curation of supplier submissions ensure your hiring managers shorten the hiring cycle and hire the most qualified candidates by only focusing on the right opportunities.

One consistent hiring experience

Multiple staffing agencies mean multiple hiring experiences. You entrust the vendors that they will represent your brand well. A consolidated vendor management service (which goes beyond just a vendor management system) ensures one single candidate experience that aligns with your unique values, helping you differentiate the opportunity and provide an introduction to your culture.

One contract, one invoice, one point of contact

By unifying all of your vendors under a single vendor management service you eliminate the need to continually onboard new suppliers, execute multiple contracts, process multiple invoices, and manage all of those relationships. Integrate all of that manual activity into one single source and gain massive efficiencies.

Pay only for successful hires

Access to a robust marketplace, simple hiring tools with unlimited logins, candidate workflow tracking, and supplier performance analytics should all be included in one integrated, easy-to-use tool that is part of delivering the service. You pay only for successful hires.

Comprehensive performance insights

A comprehensive view of your entire hiring program always updated in real-time ensures you know exactly how your program is performing, which vendors are truly active, and where candidates are in the hiring lifecycle.

Hence you need a recruitment team that will leave no stone unturned to attract talent, then screen and assess candidates to create the ideal match. Address your organization’s staffing needs with well-matched qualified talent under the aegis of Maple Software’s exceptional IT staffing services. Maple Software is driven by principles of outstanding quality, reliability and relationship value. Since 2006, we’ve worked with the nation’s leading companies to fulfill their staffing needs and match job seekers with rewarding employment opportunities. A vendor management service like Maple Software can thus help you deliver better results with far fewer resources, and give you another reason to look forward to the organization’s expansion.