Quality Assurance Today – A Milieu of Challenges and Solutions

With the surge of innovations, there comes a new cluster of testing challenges and continuous up-gradations for experts every day. The design and build of a web app or mobile app is just an initial phase of the software development life cycle. A huge responsibility stays ahead for the development & testing experts to make the products live in the market, scale their production, plan and execute their enhancements, or develop new features. Apart from planning and development, software testing is the next crucial process in the entire SDLC phase. Every minute release, be it an enhancement or new feature, requires quality testing before its release. For faster product delivery, time estimates must be planned for testing and its execution. We all know that Innovation is the key to stay ahead in the market place. But, building awareness of the current trends in software testing helps businesses grow and achieve their milestones quicker than ever. Along with the latest testing trends to follow, experts must also be aware of the best practices in terms of security and performance.

A Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst handles an increasing myriad of issues every day. Time is a vital factor in any SDLC process. From the application plan to build to its final release, time plays a key role in every phase of the development process. Industries always strive to reduce the development & test duration, and the impact that any recent quality assurance trends have on their release cycles. The technological landscape is changing, and emerging trends prove to be relevant for both the companies and testing professionals.

Upcoming trends in Software Testing:

Today, customers prefer to stay connected and demand to have everything at their fingertips. So, companies are innovating themselves to offer high-quality products and enhanced customer service in this digital age. Here are the few testing trends to follow in 2020.

1) Testing Budgets:

With the increasing demand for mobile applications, there is a huge threat foreseen in terms of malware and hacker attacks. So, businesses placed equal attention on the testing phase along with the development. Organizations globally, have raised the testing and QA budgets nearly to 23 percent for better business and quicker markets. Businesses today understand the importance of quality assurance and its methods and are in the lookout for the best Quality Assurance Service firms for their businesses.

2) Mobile Apps Testing:

The enormous demand for mobile apps has made quality assurance, a requisite in the development strategy. Companies are constantly in search of innovative concepts and cloud device applications to cut down on the in-house infrastructure required for testing apps. With this, the need for customer feedback to fix inconsistency is reduced. Also, the QA team receives the results easily and quickly which enables them to learn and fix the defects as early as possible. This not only eases the mobile application testing process but also helps the experts to deliver quality apps in lesser time.

Maple Software mobile app testing methodologies are proven to deliver exceptional services at minimal costs within the allotted time frame.

3) Turning to Agile Methods:

Global Organizations are increasingly opting for Agile methodologies in software development & testing. Industries believe that, with Agile Testing, QA becomes easy and faster in response to the challenges brought by technological innovations. Further, there is an ever-growing demand for the increase in the quality of testers to meet the project changes and release deadlines. Only a proven tester will be able to deliver quality output to the clients within the given time frame. Agile testing comes with a bundle of benefits and is highly in demand when it comes to the latest trends in testing methodologies. Companies, to keep up with the growing markets, are strategizing and adapting to finding smart solutions through software testing automation and QA outsourcing.

How Agile Testing Works:

Unlike others, Agile software testing is a method of the iterative development life cycle. Applications or software that are made within 4 weeks are developed using the Agile development model. Agile testers don’t wait till the development phase completes to run tests, but they carry on testing throughout the sprint to avoid delays and irregular deliverance.

At Maple Software, we plan for QA execution in the initial phase of the SDLC, which further helps us to deliver the product faster with quality and reduced cost.

4) QA Automation:

QA Automation is a continuous delivery process and a vital element in the testing life cycle. With Agile, defects and bugs are detected faster, which helps the businesses to build efficient processes. Moreover, outsourcing your QA testing helps to avoid the routine and put your attention to complex test scenarios.

5) Security Testing:

Security testing is a process to ensure your data is safe in content and transfer. This process, if executed in the early phase of the testing life cycle, it proves to be cost-effective and is usually implemented by code review that uses scanning tools, penetrating testing, etc.

6) Digital Transformation:

This is one of the trending and most popular testing process. It focuses on realistic business models, strategical changes, testing tools optimization and methods. To stay ahead in the competitive market, achieving high-quality testing in a shorter timescale is a must. Digital Transformation is a proven methodology that focuses on customer experience-driven quality assurance.


Implementing all the above strategies into the QA process can be a challenge for businesses. To overcome that, companies are opting to outsource their QA challenges to effective solution providers for best practices, flawless services, and in time deliverance with reduced costs.

Maple Software is an immensely experienced Quality Assurance Service Provider with the best expertise and innovative tools to handle all the projects our client demands. Quality is our first principle which helps us to reduce the bug fixing costs and ensures quality deliverance at every phase of the testing life cycle.


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