How to Improve your Business with Medical Revenue Cycle Management

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How to Improve your Business with Medical Revenue Cycle Management

The global healthcare industry is experiencing a significant transformation due to a transitioning coding system, amidst varying guidelines regarding value-based care and increasing demands on healthcare providers to improve patient care while simultaneously lowering costs. In light of these transformations, regardless of whether you are a multi-location hospital network or a one-doctor private practice, Medical revenue cycle management has become a key element to overcome for all healthcare providers. Organizations aim for advancement in crucial areas like medical billing, coding, and account receivables through medical revenue cycle management.

Maple Software provides the right products, services, and expertise to lead your medical revenue cycle efficiently in a way where you can attend to your patient’s well-being. Our professional experts who are CPC/AHIMA and AAPC certified coders will guide you with the necessary information and share your performance report at your convenience. Maple Software ensures your payment every time by managing your account receivables and identifying reimbursement opportunities that can deliver an instant return.

Why choose Maple Software’s Medical Revenue Cycle Management services:

medical revenue cycle management services

Cost Saving:
Incorporating value directives into the system, reduces turn over expenses and eases billing and training process flow. Also cost-saving becomes significant and advantageous with the off-shore team than paying for their domestic counterparts.

Increased focus on patient care:

Outsourcing medical billing can help physicians and staff to focus on delivering excellent health care services to patients and build better relationships.

Increased profits:

With our expert team of medical billers, hassle-free claims submission is ensured and followed-up with complete accuracy in no time. This further leads to a reduced count of denied claims caused due to billing errors and improved collections with faster payments.

Perfectly manage your practice:

Better control over practices is achieved with our insightful reporting tool. Reports with value metrics as Productivity and Collection Trending, Adjustment and Denial Tracking, and Coding Reviews are presented to manage and protect your finances.

Progressing with the healthcare industry:

Our dedicated approach to continuous improvisation to Medical billing codes, fee schedules, and payer rules helps customers stay updated with the developments and have a positive impact on your revenue.

HIPAA compliant security & Disaster recovery strategy:

We ensure safe and secure transactions to our customers anywhere anytime. Our disaster recovery strategy assures hassle-free operations.

Our Methodology:

medical billing services

  •  Analyzing operational needs.
  •  Set target goals to meet Industry standards
  • Thinking ahead to perfect medical revenue cycle operations.
  •  Leveraging multiple information systems for better performance execution.
Our Assistance:
  • With expert assistance in daily claims processing, receivables follow-up, and on-going training and education, our dedicated approach helps you to optimize the medical revenue cycle.
  • Significant improvement in profitability and cash flow through actionable data of your medical revenue cycle.

Our Strengths:
  • Expert claim generation and electronic submission through a clearinghouse.
  • Carriers receive the precisely coded claims within 24 hours of receipt of face sheets.
  • Persistent and periodical follow-up on all claims.
  • Payments are processed quickly upon receipt of manual or electronic carrier receipts.
  • Data collection and in-depth analysis of patients.
  • A diplomatic approach to collecting outstanding receivables
  • Swift and effective response to patient queries by our executives.
  • Business activity and Productivity tracking through customized monthly statistical reports.
  • Fee structuring analysis and recommendations.
Medical billing services:

Our dedicated team of expert professionals delivers the following medical billing services.

  • Patient Demographics & Charge Entry.
  • LCD & CPT Coding.
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification.
  • Acquiring Referrals & Authorizations.
  • Claims Submission.
  • Payment Posting.
  • Rejections & Denials Management.
  • Insurance AR (Accounts Receivable) Analysis & Calling.
  • Insurance Appeals & Corrected Claims Submission.
  • Patient AR Analysis & Calling.
  • Patient Payment Plans, Discounts & Credit Card Payments.