How Medical Transcription Services is making the World a Better Place?

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How Medical Transcription Services is making the World a Better Place?

Over time medical Industry pioneers have observed clinical documentation to be one of the greatest revenue cycle vulnerabilities as insufficient data could lead to depleted revenue.

Who we are?

Maple Software is a medical transcription service provider, based in Visakhapatnam, India. We have been offering excellent medical transcription services at affordable prices. We are a HIPAA compliant medical transcription company in India that provides medical experts with fast and accurate medical transcription servicesmedico-legal (IME) transcription services, and general transcription services. We are committed to providing exceptional service to clinics and hospitals across the globe. Our focus priority is to maintain the confidentiality of the patient information that is used in processing the transcription works.

How do we work?

  • Every employee is determined to a confidentiality agreement to secure patient information.
  • Data transfer follows a highly secure and HIPAA compliant media. We ensure secure maintenance through strict manual and electronic surveillance at our facility.
  • Our authentic firewall system and antivirus software protect the data from external hackers.
  • Our team undergoes HIPAA orientation classes every quarter to offer better-dedicated transcription services to our clients.

Our Resources:

 As a service provider, Maple Software understands the significance of manpower reliability in the industry. All employees in our organization exhibit fiery enthusiasm to up skill and adapt themselves to the erratic markets. Our recruitment process holds great value to academic excellence, technical skills, and the attitude of the interviewee.

The majority of our staff are graduates and postgraduates in Life sciences before getting trained for Medical Transcription. Maple conducts orientation programs to educate and enable employees to deliver better transcription services.

Employees have a clear overview of his/her role in improving and sustaining the clientele and ensure high-quality service delivery to the client.

Quality comes first:

 Maple Software takes great incumbency to maintain a consistent quality of 99.5% and above to every processed report. Our teams are trained to be quality conscious and understand the significance of delivering quality reports to the clients.

Our unique tracking and auditing system enables us to mark the performance of each team member. Value addition tracking is performed by each team member who prepared reports on various phases of transcription, proof-reading, editing and formatting.



We honor our consistent track record in delivering effective TAT (Turn Around Time) requirements to our clients. Our uniquely secured work interface features the TAT requirement list of each file and marks the time remaining to upload the file within the stipulated time. Our team members being experts in TAT, deliver as per the client’s requirements within a period of 2 to 48 hours.

Our Infrastructure Facilities:

  • 10,000 Sq. Ft. state-of-the-art Facility.
  • Dedicated high-speed data communication links.
  • Highly secure networks.
  • Power backup with UPS & standby generators.
  • Rapidly scalable infrastructure.

Other Services:

Medico-legal (IME) transcription services:

Medico-legal (IME) transcription services convey expert opinion and must suffice all ethical obligations. Reports must strongly justify the intended purpose. In medical practice, this is a sensitive zone as it deals with validation of treatment in Worker’s Compensation Claims. It has to be accurate and explicit, demanding precision and acceptability to the provided information. As a dedicated quality service provider, Maple Software offers excellent Medico-legal (IME) transcription services to our clients.

General transcription services:

General transcriptions add value to various spheres by offering useful and beneficial services. These transcriptions are often used by the media for interviews, meetings, focus groups, research, webinars, public speeches, and political debates, etc. Precise court and legal transcriptions are essential for criminal justice. Medical transcriptions help doctors convert voice notes into clear reports and chart records. Maple Software’s general transcription services focus on advanced skills to generate more income and produce direct results.


Maple Software offers high-quality transcription solutions to a variety of hospitals and physicians. By prioritizing requirements and simultaneously gaining in-depth cultural knowledge of unique cultures of all the healthcare organizations, Maple Software exhibited a proven impact on improving efficiency and cost leveraging in an erratic healthcare market. By leveraging our integrated training facility and scalable infrastructure we can expand our operations and expeditious services to all our clients.