Cell phones to Smartphones: The Journey Explained!

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Cell phones to Smartphones: The Journey Explained!

For market launch of a new concept, a prototype needs to be built and tested upon for its behavior and consistency.

When Cell phones were introduced into the market for the first time, they were expensive, not business-friendly, yet only facilitated calls over national and international networks. Eventually, advancements in technology led to the launch of Smartphones. However,  such evolution was not an easy one.

User-friendly features, business and branding apps, swift and easy transactions, unlimited call and data facilities, all are offered at one place at affordable cost even in remote network areas. Facilitating all the features in a compact case had years of extensive research and technological smartness involved. Affordable costs and availability marked Smartphones and Mobile apps  as trendsetters in the technological industry.

Mobile Apps for Smart Marketing:

Research states that the user’s time spent on mobile apps has recorded a significant increase of 50% globally from 2016 to 2018, approximating to nearly 1350 billion hours of app usage per year.

Surprising! Isn’t It?

Businesses plan to improve their markets and target customers through various user engagement programs and advertisements, which could be expensive and might also involve a certain level of financial risk.

The introduction of user-friendly mobile apps into global markets has bridged the gap between businesses and customers.

‘Mobile apps – Building Global Markets.’

Today, it’s a one-time investment for the companies to bring their businesses online. User-friendly approach, captivating design, engaging content, chatbots for interactive conversations, hassle-free transactions, 24*7 service delivery, and many more compatible features are at your service.

From startup’s to large scale industries, Maple Software offers custom mobile software development services for iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows mobile, and many more in one place. A mobile app for your business enhances your brand reality and accessibility.

Branding goes Mobile:

Branding requires customer visibility and must follow advertising trends. In this article, we will shed a glance at:

“How Maple Software’s mobile application development helps your branding online”

Smartphones are the one niche where you can find all your market in one place. Why not use this opportunity to reach your customers through a mobile app?

At Maple Software, our expert designers build compatible apps with collaborative wire frames and eye-catching designs. We use the latest app development frameworks and offer complete flexibility for any up gradations or create new designs as per your defined requirement. Our testing process involves certain specifications to be fulfilled to ensure your app is bug-free and is compatible with all mobile platforms before stated to release. We had the privilege to work with many prestigious brands across industries. Our mobile apps are the end products of our ingenious thinking & client-centered approach.

Benefits of Mobile Apps in Branding:

  • Enhanced Brand Experience:

Marketing firms are in constant search of innovative platforms to advertise their brands. One feature that grabs the instant attention of customers is Logos. A striking logo can improve your brand visibility, further leading to an increased customer base.

  • Data Collection:

Maple Software builds mobile apps with a solution-oriented approach. Our mobile apps record all user preferences and data that a user shares online. 

  • Add-ons and Upgrades:

‘Our customers are our priority.’

Businesses demand extended support like add-on features, enhancements, technology upgrades for smooth mobile app functionality, etc as per the existing market trends. Understanding our client requirements and facilitating them with quality output is our precedence.

Branding requires promotions through marketing. Developing a basic version of a mobile app for your product is the first step to branding. Demand for enhancements makes it a top-performing app going forward. Downloads and usage statistics help you to analyze the success of your mobile app.


A mobile app is a powerful marketing tool for business expansion and growth. It enables personalized business and customer communication, allowing industries to turn communities into families. Our Mobile App Development  Services facilitate better interactions between brands and customers, increasing both loyalty and sales.