How Agile Methodology is redefining Innovation in Software Development

agile software methodology

Trends are the latest new for Innovation

“Allogamy of concepts across Industries drew to Innovation.”

Innovation often refers to enhancements in services and products in the marketplace where industrial needs and anticipated problems meet with quality solutions. Whereas, Technological Innovation focuses on technical aspects of a product or service rather than including the entire organization’s business model.

Technological Innovation demands a futuristic approach.”

Over time and research, Industries have identified technological innovation as a critical success factor for increased market competitiveness.

Key trends in 2019, applied their focus on rising patterns where multitudinous ideas were observed to create and capture valued Innovations. Trends are your most powerful tools for identifying and creating breakthroughs and accelerate innovations.

On the other hand, accelerated innovation demands a structure of shared vocabulary for concepts, which was the hardest thing to achieve. Understanding the ideas behind leading trends helps build better businesses, as they offer a reliable plan to Innovation and its acceleration in the long run.

Agile Methodology:

Today, Business trends are all about how better you can understand your technical environment, identify process uncertainties, and take smart decisions to figure out the changes needed to improve business process and adapting to advancements.

Organizations are adopting Agile for commitment, performance, return on investment, and customer satisfaction. Maintaining core values through intuitive knowledge and adapting to trends makes it the best approach for multiple possibilities. Agile evolvement involves aligning practices with the latest trends for overall excellence.

“Agile is the new trendsetter for smarter business.”

Key Features of Agile Software Development Methodology:

  • Technical values
  • Short cycles
  • Organizational environment and
  • Culture

Agile Business Trends:

Short-term intensive workshop/training for up skilling employees to work on real-time projects is one of the key trends in Agile environments. This helps the participants a great deal for the road map ahead with new ideas and understanding of software advancements. There is an immense benefit to organizations in adapting to this environment. Further workshops help organizations develop multi-disciplinary software specialists to maximize overall performance.

Benefits of Agile Methodology:

  • Better project visibility through quick feedback
  • Faster delivery through a cloud-based solution
  • Enhanced productivity through short term workshops
  • Improved ability to manage  changing priorities with an in-depth focus on the business value  
  • Smart IT alignment through Agile flexibility

Faster feedback:

Quick feedback is essential for Agile teams to understand project development at every phase. A friendly environment allows team members to comment and receive feedback which saves ample time and gives an overview of true progress. The Continuous Integration (CI) tool maximizes the benefits of rapid feedback.


Over the years, Organizations have applied customized Agile methodology to meet their interests and convenience, which resulted in partial success. The latest trend focusses on embracing this spirit as a part of organizational culture for maximized efficiency.

Improving Methodology:

Agile flexibility can be improved by the following five simple steps.

  • Transparency
  • Discipline
  • Participation
  • Alignment and
  • Tool collaboration set up

“Advanced Agile applications guide the organizations to deliver added values with satisfactory profit.”

Cloud-Based Solutions:

Expert teams are adopting cloud-based solutions to discover unique methods for prediction, coding, testing, and deployment in a faster way to have an edge over their competitors. Agile teams demand server-less computing as it reduces the need for infrastructure, traditional server support, and operational cost.

Organizations that follow cloud-based methodology have enormous competitive advantages supporting high quality, greater agility, faster market responses, reduced costs, enhanced client’s experience, etc. Industries have confirmed;

‘Cloud technology is an Agile accelerator.’

Improved Business Values:

‘Measure the results to improve the process.’

Today, Organizations focus on measuring the ROI on new products/features, Net Promoter Score(NPS) of employees & customers, cycle time and operational stability, etc.

Using 3-D metrics with included complexity is the new approach to measure the ROI and business value. Identifying business values before writing a use case scenario rather than writing a use case scenario and then evaluating the business values is a significant shift in modern Agile practice.


Agile culture adoption is growing rapidly in organizations around the world. Internal coaches, regular practices, and implementation of a common tool across expert teams are the top three factors encouraging businesses to continue their Agile Software Development journey.

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