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Unique Value Proposition

Our Unique Values

Maple’s value proposition is designed to minimize risk and maximize the value that we bring to the relationship with our clients. Through a combination of innovative, technical and business solutions and a wide domain expertise, we deliver high-quality solutions at significantly reduced rates.

Strategically located development center

  • Close proximity to various educational and technical institutions to readily attract talent pool.
  • Highly motivated and customer centric staff.
  • Employee centric policies and effective retention strategies to control attrition.
  • Competitive pricing due to our strategically located development center.
  • Diverse service offerings that make Maple a one stop IT service provider.

We share customer-centric values

  • Maple is committed to having a customer base that can be referenced 100% of the time.
  • We strive for long-term partnerships.
  • We will work as part of your team, on your terms and within your time frame.

Optimal Business Model for lasting Partnerships

  • Flexible pricing and delivery models.
  • Team and infrastructure to scale up for any size engagement.
  • Dedicated teams that are built to client specifications.

Technical Experience

  • Teams that are thought leaders and understand the “context”.
  • Teams that are proactive, responsive and “lead”, as opposed to “follow”.

Scalable Global Infrastructure

  • World Class Security
  • Consistent global security measures and processes
  • U.S. IP protection
  • World-class data center
  • Power backup systems

Over 18 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.